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About Me

Aditya Gunturi

Student at the University of Rochester


Hey guys! I’m Adi, a current junior at the University of Rochester in Upstate NY. In the spring of 2023, I am studying abroad through DIS Copenhagen. While I always saw myself studying abroad, I never expected to choose Denmark, and so exploring Copenhagen, living in a Residential Community with other DIS students, and taking classes in Denmark are such new prospects!

My core class is Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development in the Biomedicine program. As a Clinical and Translational Sciences major, I’m really interested in research in regenerative medicine. Copenhagen – having one of Europe’s largest science parks – makes it the best place to keep learning from diverse new people! My elective courses are Immunology, Environmental Economics, Medical Ethics, and Investing for Impact and Change (an Exploration Elective!!)

Some facts about ME

  • I’ve been a vegetarian since Day 1, so follow to hear more about my culinary journey throughout Europe!
  • I love vlogs, but I’ve never done one myself – so follow along to see my attempts at being the next Casey Neistat!
  • Studying abroad is also a linguistic journey for me! I speak English and Telugu (a Southern Indian language) and I’m hoping to pick up Danish (or maybe something else)!